How to make a computer bridge game

I’ve never made a computer game before, but I’ve been doing some thinking about the design.I’ve always wanted to make something with some sort of structure, so I thought I’d try and design a bridge game, rather than just a game about doing maths.But then I stumbled across a game called Arthur that was inspired […] →Read more

Sierra’s new baseball games have been ‘very, very good’

Sierra has been busy releasing new baseball-themed computer games this week.The company is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and has a long history of making baseball games.It is also one of the biggest players in the console market, with a huge catalogue of games, including baseball-based ones like baseball simulator Slugger.Sierra’s new games are […] →Read more

Dora The Explorer – Adventure to find Dora

In this interactive game, players can explore the mysterious world of Dora the Explorer.The game features over 30 unique levels and includes a variety of obstacles, such as a giant cat, the mythical Dora, and the mythical Princess.Players will have to survive the wild adventures of Dura, a dandy-looking Dora and his pals.To achieve the […] →Read more

‘Star Wars’ sequel to be ‘disney’ in 3D world

DISNEY has confirmed that the upcoming Star Wars sequel will be “disney in 3d” at some point in the future.As part of a series of announcements at the company’s E3 press conference, Disney CEO Bob Iger said the Star Wars film franchise will return to its “disNEY roots” and will take place in a “real-world […] →Read more

How to get a good airport computer game

I’m an avid traveler, so I’ve never had the chance to actually play any of the game console-themed computer games that I’m familiar with.But, in the meantime, I’ve been fascinated by how to build a game bridge that connects two different games and gives the impression of having completed them all on your own.In this […] →Read more

How to play mahjong game with bitcoin

It is not an easy task to get bitcoin into your wallet and spend it online.But it is possible to do it with your favorite digital currency, bitcoin.Here are the steps you need to take.The first step is to download a bitcoin wallet app, such as the popular or Coinbase.It is an app that […] →Read more

‘Supergirl’ Season 3 Premiere: Meet the Real Team

Supergirl’s third season premiere has been a wild ride.After the team finally came together to work on a deal for the return of Kara, the series’ most famous female hero, the season premiere saw a return to Kara’s origin story and a huge, unexpected twist.This season finale sees her team facing a terrifying new threat […] →Read more

Why did I never play a computer game?

Hacker News is a popular news website that is primarily used by hackers.Hacker News has a wide audience, with over one billion unique monthly unique visitors, according to Quantcast.A typical Hacker News user spends roughly 50 minutes per month watching the site.The popularity of the site has led to it being referred to as a […] →Read more

What you need to know about the smash-hit smash-attack game Naruto

With a slew of high-profile franchises and new IPs, Nintendo is gearing up for its fifth and biggest holiday.The Nintendo Switch, which launches November 10, features the brand-new Naruto game, the first entry in the popular ninja-themed video game franchise.Naruto 3, a spinoff game for the Switch, is also slated to launch this holiday.Here’s what […] →Read more

How to code a computer game

The next generation of games may well come in a style more like a Pixar film, rather than a game like Final Fantasy or Star Wars.A new breed of game that plays like a computer is now gaining traction.The idea is to build computers that can process complex graphics and other data in ways that […] →Read more