Why is the #GamerGate hashtag trending in Italy?

1 / 19 The #Gamergate hashtag is trending in the #Italy football country, but it’s not being used for legitimate reasons.

According to a tweet from @GiancarloCiccarelli, the hashtag is being used by trolls to attack Italy’s football teams because they’re not “serious”.

He said he used the hashtag to attack Juventus after the team’s 3-0 win against Torino in the Champions League last week, but his tweets were quickly deleted.

The #gamergate hashtag has been used as a political tool by some people in Italy who believe the Italian football teams are not being serious enough about combating corruption in football.

In October, a prominent Italian journalist was hacked to death in an apparent revenge attack against journalists.

The hashtag has also been used to target people who are critical of FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

The football union, FSF, has been banned from using the hashtag in Italy.

However, some other sports leagues are using the #gamergater tag to get behind their teams, such as the National Hockey League.

The league recently released a video game featuring #gamergirl players in which they are shown interacting with each other.