Why is Nintendo not putting the Wii U out to pasture?

As the Wii has been in the spotlight for its lack of graphical prowess, many gamers have wondered why the Nintendo 3DS XL is being discontinued.

It’s been a long time coming, but the company is finally releasing the 3DSXL in stores.

And with its announcement this morning, Nintendo confirmed that the handheld will not be selling in the United States until April 3.

It will be released in Japan, but will only be available for pre-order at GameStop and other retailers.

This announcement was the third from Nintendo in just the last week.

The company also announced that it’s expanding the Nintendo Switch line to include a larger and more powerful model, and has also released a special “Nintendo Switch Edition” for the Super Nintendo Classic Edition.

The Nintendo Switch Classic Edition comes with the Nintendo Classic, a version of the Nintendo Wii that has been updated to run on the Nintendo Wiimote, as well as a new “Wiimote Edition” of the console.

It comes with a set of extra Joy-Con controllers and is limited to a single system, which Nintendo describes as “a great way to get the most out of your Switch.”

The company is also rolling out a new Nintendo Switch Edition in select stores on April 7, with the console available in Japan.

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