What you need to know about the smash-hit smash-attack game Naruto

With a slew of high-profile franchises and new IPs, Nintendo is gearing up for its fifth and biggest holiday.

The Nintendo Switch, which launches November 10, features the brand-new Naruto game, the first entry in the popular ninja-themed video game franchise.

Naruto 3, a spinoff game for the Switch, is also slated to launch this holiday.

Here’s what you need a refresher on the Naruto franchise, which is known for its epic battles, intense battles, and a whole lot of explosions.

Naruto 3 will launch in Japan this November 10 for 1,000 yen (about $15), while the game is available for free on Nintendo eShop, Nintendo e.

Shop, the eShop for the Nintendo Switch and in-store in Japan.

Narutobi 3 will include a brand-spanking new character: the “Kami,” a giant, ninja-like creature that can be summoned in the game.

(In the manga, she is called Kami-sama.)

The Kami is an incredibly powerful ninja, and her abilities are more powerful than anything else in the Naruto series.

The Kamehameha, the ninja-weapon that transforms into the ultimate attack, will be a major element of the game, too.

It’s the first new Naruto game since the third installment in the series, Naruto: Shadow of the Ninja in 2015, and it features a brand new story that will follow the story of Naruto’s journey from the ninja village of Konoha to the afterlife, where he meets his “Kage,” the reincarnation of the first ninja to survive the battle with Sasuke Uchiha.

(The game is also due out in North America and Europe on the Nintendo e-Shop this fall.)

Naruto: Naruto Next Generations will launch later this year in Japan, but we’re still waiting on confirmation on its release date.

Narakuza, the original Naruto game from Bandai Namco, will also launch in North and South America this holiday, and the game will be available for $39.99.

(A “Super Rare” is a rare item in the games history.)

The first Naruto game on the Switch is also set to launch for free, but the game has been in development for more than two years and was delayed from the original 2015 release date due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

Naruto Shippuden, the fourth Naruto game for Nintendo Switch (after the upcoming Naruto Shippūden games, Naruto Shōsetsuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, and Naruto Shinden: Nine Kages of Gelebor) will launch November 17 for 1.99 US dollars.

Naruko Shippur is a holiday that is traditionally associated with Naruto and his friends.

It’s also an excellent time to take advantage of discounts on select Nintendo eGames titles.

Nintendo’s first holiday sale of the year is also one of the largest in the company’s history.

On Nov. 10, you can save 50 percent off select Nintendo Switch games for the holiday.