Online gaming site launches new website to offer parents’ advice

Posted June 03, 2019 08:06:17A new website designed for parents of young children is opening up online gaming in Australia, in an effort to help children learn more about the games they can play online.

The Australian Computer Gaming Association (ACCA) said it had begun working with the game makers to create a site for parents to share their own tips and advice.

“We wanted to start with a small pilot project, but this is a good example of how we can create new avenues for parents and children to learn about computer games,” ACCA chairwoman Linda Smith said.

“The ACCA is committed to helping parents make the most of their child’s internet experience, so we are working with game makers and other game developers to develop a site that will be tailored for families to share with their children.”

“There is already a lot of information online about computer gaming, but there is also a lot missing,” she said.

The ACCC’s website is being designed to be accessible to parents and grandparents.

“For parents, the site will be designed to help them learn about what they can do and how to do it and how it can help their children,” ACCC chief executive Michelle Dandridge said.

“We want to give parents the tools to share what they do with their kids online.”

The ACCAs website will include resources for parents, such as game play tips, and tools for grandparents to help parents get started playing online games.

“There will be a section dedicated to parents’ games, such that you can find out about games you have or have played, and how you can help your children with those games,” Ms Smith said, adding that the site would also offer a range of games and activities for children aged six to 12.

The site will also include games that are specifically for children, such a Minecraft game that has been created specifically for kids.

Ms Dandredges said the ACCA had a history of creating content for children that was accessible to them, including a children’s online games project, the website for the Australian National University’s International Game Jam, and a site to support teachers and teachers’ assistants.

“With these tools we are giving parents the best chance of making sure their children have access to the best and most engaging online learning experiences,” she added.

The website will be launched at a time when there is a lot more information available about the different types of video games available for young children.

“Our hope is that this will be part of the growing number of parents and school teachers and school administrators looking to educate themselves and their children about the digital world, and we want to help all of them,” Ms Dandridges said.