MLB: Baseball on iPad is a hit online

Baseball on iPads and iPhones, the second-generation version of the sport’s biggest digital product, is a massive hit online.

According to new research from sports analytics company Sports Interactive, Baseball on the iPad is the most downloaded baseball game on the market.

According to Sports Interactive data, the game is downloaded at nearly 11 million times per day.

The data suggests that it has a lot to do with the fact that it’s on the iPhone.

The iPad version of Baseball on iOS, which debuted in June, has seen more downloads than any other iOS game in history.

The stats don’t tell the whole story though.

Baseball on Android, a new app that was launched on iOS devices last week, is downloaded by more than 3 million times.

And the game has nearly 1 million downloads in total.

The data also suggests that the popularity of Baseball for the iPad on the App Store is primarily due to the fact it has more than 50 million downloads.

According the analytics firm, Baseball for iOS is the number-one most downloaded app in the U.S. and the number one most downloaded in Canada.

Baseball for Android is the second most downloaded game in the world.

The numbers are a bit surprising.

In May, MLB’s executive vice president of product management, Jeff Miller, told investors that the league was planning to launch the game on Android.

Now, Baseball has launched its first Android game, and the app is the No. 2 most downloaded sports app on the Play Store.

It’s worth noting that the iPad version isn’t the only app on which Baseball for iPads is gaining traction.

The MLB App, which launched in May, is already downloaded at a staggering rate on both Android and iOS devices.