How did Bastion turn into a top-selling video game?

From the start, Bastion was a game for the 21st century.

The game’s story follows a group of people who discover they have the ability to control and manipulate an AI that they call Bastion.

They can fight, shoot and steal objects in the game, and use a variety of weapons, including pistols and machine guns.

The game is now the most downloaded title on Steam.

In a game like this, there is so much potential for players to find their own way.

The developers have done a great job of keeping the story grounded and focusing on the characters.

Bastion’s story is a unique one, and the developers have made sure the story is fun for players who have never played a video game before.

Here’s how we did our research to figure out what made Bastion a hit:1.

The gameplay is fast paced.

It has a lot of tension and action.

There are plenty of guns and explosions.

It’s fun.2.

The story is very simple.

Players don’t have much control over the game.

There’s not a lot to explore.

They have a single character to help them through the game’s complex storyline.3.

The graphics are simple and clean.

The player has the ability on-screen to switch between two cameras that show different angles of the game world.

There is also a third camera that shows a virtual camera that players can use to view a scene.4.

The characters are unique.

They’re voiced by the likes of John Hurt and Tom Hardy, as well as actors like Michael Sheen and Kevin Bacon.

They are also pretty cool looking.5.

There was an online multiplayer element.

The team says that multiplayer is one of the main reasons people liked Bastion so much.

The online multiplayer features players battle it out to see who can score the most kills and steal the most objects in multiplayer matches.

They also have the option of playing online solo or with a friend.6.

Bastion has a great cast of characters.

It features a cast of unique characters.

You can choose one of four playable characters, but there are also five playable characters in multiplayer.

You play as a detective named Daniel, a detective with a gun named James, a mercenary named Marcus, a thief named Denny and a soldier named Ryan.

You can read our full review of Bastion here.

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