Google is hiring a few programmers for the first time

Google is using the tech giant’s new “Google Glass” project to hire some of its programmers for its next-generation mobile platform.

The company announced the hire Tuesday in an update to its blog post announcing its plans to hire about 20 more software engineers.

Google Glass was launched last week with support for voice, text, and other forms of interaction.

Google has yet to release a developer preview of the Glass software, which will be sold separately.

Google Glass is designed to help people who want to interact with virtual reality without interacting with real-life people, but it will have its own hardware and software interface.

Google is developing software that will let users use Glass to communicate and play video games and watch movies.

Google hasn’t yet announced pricing, but the company said the initial hardware costs will be “substantially less than a typical home video game console,” and the software will be priced at $500, with an optional $10 monthly subscription.