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  • How to play mahjong game with bitcoin

    It is not an easy task to get bitcoin into your wallet and spend it online.But it is possible to do it with your favorite digital currency, bitcoin.Here are the steps you need to take.The first step is to download a bitcoin wallet app, such as the popular or Coinbase.It is an app that […]

  • Why did I never play a computer game?

    Hacker News is a popular news website that is primarily used by hackers.Hacker News has a wide audience, with over one billion unique monthly unique visitors, according to Quantcast.A typical Hacker News user spends roughly 50 minutes per month watching the site.The popularity of the site has led to it being referred to as a […]

  • How to code a computer game

    The next generation of games may well come in a style more like a Pixar film, rather than a game like Final Fantasy or Star Wars.A new breed of game that plays like a computer is now gaining traction.The idea is to build computers that can process complex graphics and other data in ways that […]

  • This is a game for everyone

    I had to check this game out because I have been wanting to play some computer chess since I was a kid, and this game is just so fun.I was not expecting to enjoy the game that much, but I did.It is a very simple, yet addictive, game, and is very easy to play.It can […]

  • What do you do when you get an email from a computer game? Play it

    You may have just heard that the internet has made gaming much more accessible, with a new game called bakugsan being released on iOS and Android.The game is set in a world where you can play online multiplayer games, but you also need to make your way to the nearest bakuhan.If you are unable to […]

  • ‘The Last of Us: The Last of us’ DLC includes new characters and music

    TechCrunch TechCrunch 4 The Last Of Us DLC is now available to download on PC and Xbox One, with the Xbox One edition being the best-looking of the bunch.The Lasts Last of You DLC includes four characters from the original game, including Joel, Ellie, Riley and Joel.The game is also available on the PlayStation 4 […]

  • When games can be more than just mindless entertainment

    tandy, the maker of the popular Tandy Pocket, has a new line of video games, and they’re even more immersive.The new line, called Tandy Virtual Reality, is called “the future of gaming.”According to, it will allow gamers to experience what is being accomplished with the Tandy PC and Tandy PS3, and is “designed to […]

  • How to create a computer game for children

    With more than 2 million computers in the world, computers are now a central part of our lives.The internet is a great place to build interactive computer games, as is social media, where we share our favorite videos and music and share with others.But what about creating a computer program for children?And what if it […]

  • What is frogger?

    There are few games that have been so popular for so long and so well received that they’ve become part of the popular culture.It’s a phenomenon that has led to games being developed for every imaginable device, from smartphones to tablets to televisions.But frogger, which is available on Android and iOS devices, is different.It is […]

  • Play computer games to help prisoners get out

    A prison computer game is an addictive game that involves using a joystick to control a fictional bird.It has become a favorite of inmates, who can use it as a way to escape from their cell, according to a prison system that tracks the popularity of such games.The Prison Information Service (PIS) of the Federal […]

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