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  • How to build a ‘SpongeBob-sized’ digital brain for your own brain

    Now Playing: Scientists are developing a new type of prosthetic device for amputees that can help them control their prostheses and get around more easily.Now Playing – ‘Basketball’ game hits new milestone in China as Chinese authorities announce it has banned players from wearing the headgear in the game Now Playing New York City’s largest […]

  • How to play computer chess: How to beat chess

    The computer game of computer chess is a highly technical game with a high skill ceiling.The games complexity is one of the reasons why it has taken chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov so many years to beat it.The game requires a lot of strategy and calculation.It can also be a frustrating game for players.In this video, […]

  • Why we should love this cartoon of a Disney cartoon

    I’ve been a bit confused lately.There’s a lot of talk of the importance of being “realistic” in cartoons, and of the fact that the Disney characters and their “realness” have a certain appeal.But it’s not really that important to me.I think I like cartoons because they’re “authentic.”As a kid, I was always drawn to the […]

  • How to make a Nintendo Switch with the cheapest games

    The Nintendo Switch is a new console with an incredibly limited selection of games and hardware, and one that is likely to be one of the biggest hits of the console’s launch year.That said, there are still plenty of good games to play and the Switch is available for everyone.Here’s our guide to the best […]

  • How to make an electric skateboard

    The electric skateboarding genre has been around for decades, and it has spawned many spin-offs and imitators.But none has quite been as successful as the Supernatural computer games.These games take place in the world of the Supernaturals, and the players are supposed to skate by collecting magical stones that can change the course of time […]

  • Madeline: Computer Game That Will Give You More Than You Ever Wanted to Know

    A computer game that will teach you about yourself and help you cope with anxiety and depression.Madeline is a computer game created by former MIT student Emily Blyth that uses your brain to communicate with an animated cartoon.It’s an interactive, animated version of the classic computer game, “The Sims.”In this interactive version, you can explore […]

  • When a computer can’t see, it doesn’t know what you’re looking at

    A few years ago, a company called Pixar Animation Studios created a computer program that could see what people were looking at and figure out what they were looking for.The system was so effective that it was used by some of the top computer vision experts in the world.Now, some of those same experts are […]

  • How to make a computer bridge game

    I’ve never made a computer game before, but I’ve been doing some thinking about the design.I’ve always wanted to make something with some sort of structure, so I thought I’d try and design a bridge game, rather than just a game about doing maths.But then I stumbled across a game called Arthur that was inspired […]

  • Dora The Explorer – Adventure to find Dora

    In this interactive game, players can explore the mysterious world of Dora the Explorer.The game features over 30 unique levels and includes a variety of obstacles, such as a giant cat, the mythical Dora, and the mythical Princess.Players will have to survive the wild adventures of Dura, a dandy-looking Dora and his pals.To achieve the […]

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