Cowboys to release new uniforms ahead of season opener

Dallas — The Dallas Cowboys are set to release their new uniforms this fall and the team’s new helmets are expected to be released in mid-September, league sources told ESPN.

The uniforms are being produced by a new team that will likely be named the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles, which have won the NFL title five times in the last nine seasons, are the latest franchise to go through a major redesign of its logo and uniforms.

The new uniforms, which are to be unveiled at a ceremony in Los Angeles on Thursday, will include a bold white, black and blue design and will have a helmet logo that will resemble the Eagles’ current logo, sources told the website.

They also will feature a bold, yellow, blue and white stripe across the front of the jersey, similar to the design the team has worn for the past three seasons.

A uniform with a black-and-red design is the most common option.

The Eagles have also been rumored to be a contender for the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft, a player that would be eligible to wear the jerseys and helmets if the Cowboys were to trade the top pick.

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