3D Printer to launch in India in 2020

The makers of the world’s first 3D printer, which is set to launch next month in the country, said the device could revolutionise the production of consumer electronics.

Aooba, a unit of the French conglomerate CSC Technologies, will manufacture and sell the Nano 3D Printers, which will cost about $1,000 each.

The device has been designed to work in tandem with CSC’s Nano 3G, a machine that uses an electrochemical printer to create 3D models of the real world.

The Nano 3Gs print are about 20 times smaller than traditional 3D printers.

It uses a 3D printed nozzle, which can be adjusted to precisely shape the object, for example by adding a nozzle for a cup or a handle for a laptop.

The Nano 3Ds printers use high-tech components to print the parts of the object at high speeds, allowing them to produce objects that are about 100 times smaller and more durable than traditional printers.

The company said the Nano3Ds can be used in virtually every home or office in the world.